View Full Version : 1G Lock Cylinders and Keys

January 20th, 2004, 01:52 PM
OK, accoeding to CAPS the part number for the entire set (Ignition, doors, hatch and glove box) is MB791493.

Conicelli does not show it, so it may no longer be available, but I will ask them next time I order something. Just wanted this info here for the record.

Here are the individual parts:

MB590873 - Ingnition - $36.43
MB791490 - Glovebox - $39.95
MB590872 - Hatch - $42.32
MB590868 - Left Door - $42.32
MB590869 - Right Door - $42.32

Prices shown are from Conicelli's website as of 01-20-04

Still not sure about getting them keyed the same.