Selling the car

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So I have been kicking around the idea of selling my Talon and getting into something else. So, yes, in a way I have been thinking about becoming a sell out. I have not had a tag on the car in a long, long time and I drive it less and less (for maintenance purposes.) I do not really have enough invested in the car to have to part it out. I could sell it as is for a decent amount of money and it would be a great platform for someone to start from. It is, after all, a rare 1992 6/4 combo.

So I threw this idea at the wife. She actually told me not to sell it. She knows how much I love the car. I just think I could love something else just as much. Something I could get some use from. I think maybe if I put a tag back on the car, my thoughts might change, but I am not sure.

I am also considering selling off my Corvette instead. This would allow me to pay off a debt that I really want gone and the remainder of the money could be put into the Talon to make it road safe again. I have been driving the Corvette to work and stuff to save on the fuel of driving the truck. This is where the Talon would step in.

If I could sell the Corvette for the $12K it is worth, I would end up with about $2100 to play with. If I was going to "invest" this money in the Talon, I would put it toward the suspension, brakes (which I have 99% of, just need stainless lines for the rear,) air conditioning, and transmission work.

I could also take that $2100 and put it toward some other form of transportation. I need something cheap to drive me to work and it has to have A/C. The Corvette's does not work and I hate driving it in the heat.

So that is my situation for now. Just wanted to blog it.


  1. vr4scott's Avatar
    Sell the Vette man.
  2. jr91gsx's Avatar
    Glenn, you cant run a dsm site and not have a dsm!!! Sell the vette!!!!!!
    Updated June 22nd, 2010 at 11:15 AM by jr91gsx
  3. Edwin.serrano's Avatar
    I was gonna say the same...Can't be the admin/president of a DSM club without having a DSM. Plus like you said, that money will help you get rid of a debt/some debts and still have money to get the DSM running and some tags. If you sell the DSM, you know deep down you would eventually get another one...LOL
  4. DSMDealer's Avatar
    I'm at the same point Glenn, I wish it was done and i could drive it. Every time i work on it i think of how much i want to sell it. At least your runs.
  5. DSMer's Avatar
    DO you still have my number Glenn? Id be interested!
  6. DSMer's Avatar
    I'm dumb, this is 5 years old. LOL sorry