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This is the local ORLANDO CLUB DSM BB. This board is mostly a means for the Orlando DSMers to communicate with each other, and our buddies in Tampa, Gainesville, Jax, South Florida and the other Florida based club DSM groups. The other people who join, contribute, and fit in are just added bonuses. If you are from an area other than Orlando or a neighboring city and you do not have ties to the Orlando Club DSM, DO NOT SIGN UP! We are not a national support site! If you insist on signing up and have no ties to the Orlando Club DSM, do not be surprised if your account is deleted.

Orlando DSM is a couple of pretty tight, interwoven circles. We don't make an effort to make everyone feel welcome right off the bat. Introducing yourself is your obligation. The emphasis here is primarily on performance. Generally, we prefer "clean" over "combat" when it comes to looks. If you have a whole lot of multicolored hoses, a big wing, and/or a bunch of vinyl on a 14-second car, expect to catch flak for it.
1. The first rule is to read the rules. No excuses.
2. Please take note to grammar and spelling. We are in a predominantly English speaking country. We will extend the use of English here onto this board. Since this message board is about cars, and most users have obtained a drivers license at around age 16, it is safe to assume that most of us have made it through the 10th grade. Last time I checked, grammar and spelling were taught in elementary school. Typos are to be expected, but nobody should have to revert to the "Idiot to English" dictionary to understand what someone is saying. The key to NOT being deemed illiterate is to PROOF READ. Internet shorthand is also not to be tolerated. "u" is a letter, not a word, and "2" is a number that should only be used for identifying a quantity. Ghetto slang, Riceboy shorthand, or any other gross deviation from standard written Language will not be tolerated.
3. Post in the correct forum! If you do not, you post may be deleted without notice. So I guess this IS your notice.
4. We razz/rib/poke at/make fun of/give each other a hard time. If you can't take the heat, don't put your hand on the manifold. Take insults like a man and dish them out when you earn the right to do so.
5. Please use available resources like those found at dsm.org, VFAQ.com, and Google.com to search for your answers before posting. We are not here to hold your hand.
6. Do not even think about joining this Bulletin Board for the sole purpose of selling your wares! Spamming is not tolerated here! Our Pawn Shop section in under strict control and will not allow non-members, nor new members to post there. If you feel you have something to sell that may benefit our members feel free to contact the admin using the contact link at the bottom of the page. Advertising on the Orlando Club DSM BB is not free.
7. Use email or Personal Messaging for personal conversations that would not interest others.
8. All threads are to be kept ON TOPIC! Any off topic related conversations will be removed at the discretion of an admin or moderator.
Any infractions of these rules can result in your account being banned. If you feel this is harsh, understand that this was done out of necessity, not out of desire. We reserve the right to update or change these rules at anytime with out prior notice.

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