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Angel Napout, aforetime arch of the South American Football Alliance and carnality admiral of FIFA, and Jose Maria Marin, the aloft arch of Brazil's football federation.Buzarco, who pleaded accusable in November 2015 to racketeering, wire artifice and money bed-making conspiracies, abounding how millions of dollars were paid in bribes to committed television rights to aloft tournaments.He said Torneos y Competencia and its accessory paid Napout $4.5 million,

Burga $3.6 amateur and Marin $2.7 million. Millions added were promised, he said.All three advance their innocence.Buzarco aswell declared that his aggregation and Televisa of Mexico and TV Globo of Brazil paid the aloft arch of the Argentine football alliance and aloft aboriginal carnality admiral of cheap Tera Gold, Julio Grondona, a $15 amateur allurement for television, internet and radio rights to the 2026 and 2030 Apple Cups."

The money for JG assured up in subaccounts in the Swiss Coffer Julius Baer," he said.TV Globo acquired absolute rights in Brazil for the two Apple Cups, and Televisa and Torneos got them for the draft of Latin America. Jose Maria Marin, on balloon in the FIFA bribery scandal, is a aloft arch of Brazil's football federationBuzarco added declared that TV Globo, Televisa, MediaPro of Spain, Abounding Play,