Let us discuss the 9 Link Skills that do not have the maximum degree of 3.

Cygnus Knights: The manner in which Maplestory 2 Mesos you level up this one is that each of those 5 Cygnus Jobs has a maximum level of two, but can be stacked into one slot up to par 10.

Multiple Testament personalities can pile their Link Skill into a single slot up to level 6, and after Blaster's published, amount 8.

Zero: This Link Skill has a maximum level of 5, but leveling this hyperlink Ability works a bit differently than others.

Jett: This Link Skill works much differently than others. What it does is give STR, DEX, INT, LUK, Weapon ATT, and Magic ATT by a random quantity and the numbers change whenever the timer hits 0 or you utilize Star Dust or Supernova Dust.

Hayato: This Link Ability has only 1 degree and what it provides is 10 All Stats and 5 Weapon/Magic Attack. Very pathetic. I once saw a suggestion of making Hayato's Link Skill give Attack Speed, but all of us know how powerful Attack Speed boosts are. So as to get an onslaught Rate Link Ability balanced, I thought of making it function like Mihile and Angelic Buster's Link Skills in that it would be a Buff Link Skill. The enthusiast would temporarily give 1 Attack Rate and possess a very long cooldown. Level 1 could last 30 minutes, Grade 2 would continue 45 seconds, and Level 3 would last 60 seconds. Cooldown would be 300 moments in all amounts.

Xenon: This hyperlink Ability has only 2 levels because GMS declared that 15 percent All Stats is too OP. And yet, Demon Avenger's Link Skill includes a maximum level of 3 and also the amount at level 3 is 15. How do 15% All Stats be stronger than 15% Damage?

On the other hand, the Kanna variant has only 2 levels, while the DA version has 3 levels. What,MS2 Mesos is having a second 15% Damage Link Ability too OP? Also, just to remove the redundancy, I thought of changing Kanna's Link Skill into a Last Damage Boost Link Skill. But because Closing Damage boosts are more powerful than regular damage promotes, 15% Final Damage will definitely be too OP. Hence, the values must be 4 percent at Level 1, 7% in Level 2, and 10% at Level 3.

I believed from there on, all new Link Skills released in GMS have a maximum level of 2. But psyche! So today this begs the question. How is 15% Departure Ignore Chance in Level 3 also OP?