Franchise mode is almost static, using the most obvious upgrade being a redesign of this menu system. Seasons are divided into"stages," that help streamline the activities associated with running an MLB organization. I can't really complain about these menus, as they're a lot simpler to navigate than in previous decades. But I am disappointed that this manner -- once my favorite -- has not seen any substantial upgrades in the past couple of years. You can just play the identical thing a lot of times before MLB 18 Stubs becomes old.

Sony also touts an improved AI in Franchise that capably handles lineup and rotations. I did see benchings and promotions based on functionality -- a clear move it has never managed to create before. Obviously, left the AI did create some very questionable roster moves while simming my franchise, some of which resulted in the dismantling of the young center of the Phillies team, including Hoskins, in favor of several expensive veterans.

Some other subtle touches comprise audience size which clearly fluctuates depending on real-life factors, such as day of the week along with win/loss record. And there are some nice weather effects that are tied to match dates and locations. However, these improvements pale compared to newer features that have been standard in sport franchise modes. In MLB The Show 18, you can not produce a new team or relocate existing ones.

Players develop their skills off display as a result of a relatively dull instruction program. Contract and trade negotiations are simple menus with little in the method of interaction or opinions. So while the on-field gameplay is leading, Franchise mode is beginning to feel like a relic, as almost all other significant sports games have surpassed it in terms of options, features, and innovation.

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