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    Miscellaneous good to know, 2G mostly, some 1G; 4Layer OEM gasket inside.

    4 Layer Mitsu metal HG: MD349347
    Standard HG: MD183808
    2G exhaust manifold: MD308197
    2G exh. gasket: MD181032
    cam seals: MD372536
    7cm turbo/manifold gasket: MD128901
    6cm turbo/mani gasket: MD128900
    Valve cover gasket: MD125939
    Plug well gaskets: MD125940
    Oil drain plug gasket: MD050317
    1G intake Mani gasket: MD188995
    Turbo to mani bolt: MD132656
    Compressor to J-pipe gasket: MD189460
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    Oil filler cap gasket

    Oil filler cap gasket - MD311638

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