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    Rules For Posting In The Pawn Shop! READ THIS!

    Posting to the Pawn Shop Area Rules:

    This section is for subscribing members only. You may not post or reply to a thread in the pawn shop section until you have become a subscribing member.

    To gain access to this section, you will need to go HERE and subscribe. You have 2 options and inside those options are more options.

    If you only want access to the Pawn Shop: Buy, Sell, Trade, then you can choose that option and then choose monthly or yearly. This will give you full access to the Buy, Sell, Trade section.

    Or you can choose the Supporting Member option and choose a term to gain access to the Buy, Sell, Trade section PLUS more! The details are all there.

    Subscribing members are allowed to post anything they desire to sell. The item does NOT have to be DSM related.

    All ads MUST begin with "FS:" (for sale), "WTB:" (wanted to buy), or “GB:” (group buy) in the title of your thread.
    Those posts that do not meet this criteria will be edited or deleted at the moderators choice.

    You MUST include a price for what you are selling. If you are unsure what it is worth, please research it first.

    "Ghetto Slang" will not be tolerated

    Please keep your posts updated as things sell. Once your item is/items are sold please edit your original post and REMOVE the sold items. Do not just mark them sold. (It is cleaner and easier to read if the sold items are deleted.)

    All for sale post MUST stay on topic. If a thread moves to unrelated topics, those posts will be deleted to protect the integrity of the original post. This means don't post "If I had the money", type garbage or anything not related to you buying or selling items.

    If you'd like to bring your ad back to the top of the list, feel free to post a reply and just write "taking to top" or something similar. You may do this once every 2 weeks. If you are caught bumping your thread more often than we feel is needed, your post will be deleted.

    All threads with no posts newer than 30 days may be removed.

    If a current member posts an ad for a non-current member, the poster will assume all responsibility for that transaction. If you post for a buddy and that buddy dicks over a board user, you are going to be held responsible. Keep that in mind if you post for someone else.

    Absolutely NO commercial advertising or selling in this section. If you are a company and wish to sell, please contact me about getting into Vendor's Row!
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