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    Big Willy

    Mitsu oil filters

    I was at the dealership the other day and had a conversation with one of the guys in the parts dept.

    He said that all the Mitsu filters are the same except for the OUTSIDE physical sizes and anyone of the Mitsu filters could be used on ANY Mitsu. He uses one oil filter on 3 different Mitsu cars he owns and they all call for 3 different filters.

    The reason for the physical size difference is just for clearance issues.

    MD325714 95 Eclipse Turbo
    MD135737 Superseeded#
    Smaller diameter and longer than both Eclipse and 3KGT filters

    MD031805 Misc. older applications
    Wider diameter and shorter than Eclipse filter
    Wider diameter but longer than 3KGT filter

    MD352626 97 3000 GT VR-4
    Smaller diameter and shorter than Misc filter
    Larger diameter and much shorter than Eclipse filter

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    MZ690116 is what the Evo's use and what I use on my 94 Talon.
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